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learn why people love working with kristin


"My work with Kristin is the most powerful thing I've done to stay focused on what matters most in my business.

The return on investment is huge financially.  I wholeheartedly recommend getting Kristin's help, from one project that's been gathering dust to an overhaul of your operations". 

- Michele Lisenbury Christensen


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"Kristin has improved my business and her insights and unique perspective have been invaluable.” 

- Ann Babb-Nordling



"Kristin has the ability to analyze a myriad of details and pinpoint processes and solutions that make your life easier and make perfect sense.  So much so that you are left wondering, why didn't I think of that? 

She brings organization and peace of mind to entrepreneurs who are looking to streamline processes and grow their business by focusing on the things that truly count.  I highly recommend utilizing her skills if you want to create more efficient business practices and eliminate the obstacles in your way.”

- Charis Armer


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"If you need help organizing, planning and strategizing your work, you can't go wrong with Kristin!  She helped my business partner and I plan out big projects that seemed daunting into manageable pieces that we actually completed.  We completed 6 months worth of work in 3 months and its all because Kristin was guiding us the whole time.”

- Sara Harvey Yao